Teacher’s interaction in her duty is not only between the teacher itself and the students but also between with other teacher, students parents and social environment. It is realized or not, teacher is a part of professional occupation. A teacher has two characters, as a human being or personal who does all duties in order to fulfill her personal needs (economic reason) and as professional worker who serves all students and society. Therefore, teacher profession is viewed very important in the line of education.

Teacher’s role in understanding students as base of education
To understand elementary school level student as the base of the development process for teaching and learning center. Relevant principal of general learning is that a teacher should be able to care and flexible in about how or when a student will get a certain competency. A teacher should be able to open the same opportunity for all of student to communicate.
Teacher’s role in developing a lesson plan
A good lesson plan can be described if in the lesson plan consists of a way or a technique to exposure the weakness and the strength of students and all possible anxieties that may appear. The curriculum should be fulfilled by some effective teaching strategies that may applied in order to motivate all students to use the strength to reduce the weakness. And because most of teaching and learning activities is done in a big class, the lesson plan designer should be able to use the most powerful and comprehensive strategy to help all class components to coordinate the activities. A teacher has to do the duty as educator, trainer and controller. Through seeing the function, role and the position of the teacher, it is not impossible that this profession are interested. There are many young generation in Indonesia enter teachers faculty in order to be a teacher, minimally learn how to be an ideal teacher.
Teacher’s role in evaluating the process
An evaluation is useful if it helps teachers, students and education board to make a meaningful decision. The most simple of evaluation is giving a certain point according to certain standard category. It is not an independent and without any limitation. There are some indicators or previous information as the base of decision-making process. Therefore, an evaluation is a process to make a standard category, based on all needed information and opens a channel to final decision. In the manner of this, we have to decide or choose an instrument to collect the information. Here, there are two steps involved, a way to decide whether technique that is comfortable and a way to choose the best instrument to do. Evaluating the learning process is also consists of a meaning to evaluate the process to reach the education goal. The simple way to find how success the students to understand any matter of lesson are gives them a related topic test.
By seeing the teacher professionalism and its big role, it is natural if we call teacher as hero without any medal. And this may be a reason why many Indonesian young generations want to be a teacher. Through is profession, they may want to restore Indonesian image that gradually had been polluted by any foreign bad habit. According to one ethic code of teacher professionalism, this profession is an integrated part of national development strategy to educate Indonesian people.