Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. Wb
Good morning all of you ? How are you ?
Your excellencies, The English teacher of …………….., and dear my friends. Firstly, praise always be for Allah SWT, God the beneficent and merciful, for his abundant blessing for us to gather in this place to accomplish an academic task : preparing an English Speeches. Resfectful greeting would be offered to the prophet Muhammad SAW, and so would be his followers.
The theme that I would like to tell you is:
Censor the TV Programs !
Ladies and gentlements,
The increasing of the technology goes rapidly nowadays, as well as the the grow of the television programs that attracts strongly not only the children and teenagers but also the adults. Unfortunately, not all programs is suitable for all the viewers. Many of them are bad programs. On the TV screen everytime we can watch some programs that shows violences, pornography,and the free living. The pornography shows can be appear in the form of paintings, pictures, films, essays, the voice in a song, commercials or advertisements, etcetra.
The bad effect of the shows can be serious for moslems , especially for the young generations. The bad shows will destroy their live and in the end will lead to the free living, pregnancy, abortion, divorce family, brokenhome, atcetra.
Ladies and gentlements,
There were at least two television programs in Indonesian private TV channels that often shows the pornography programs. They are infotainment program and the production house. Both of the programs frequently display the pornography and porno-action just because by the reason that the two programs are favorite programs. It can be proved by the high-rating they got .
Actually, there are several serious disadvantages to television. Of course, it provides us with a pleasant way to relax and spend our free time, but it’s clear that the tube has a powerful influence on their lives. Because of the uneducated-shows the teenagers often absorb and imitate the lives of the actors on the screen.
Ladies and gentlements,
The one and only way to select the TV program is by censorship. It’s the role of the parent, society and the government to control or to cut the bad programs and replce them with education programs. So, the Indonesian people can be more inteligent and also to reduce the crimes.
It’s enough for my speech.Thank you for your attention.
Sumassalamu ‘alaikaum wr wb.